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At the Law Offices of Elizabeth A. Pope in Elmhurst, Illinois, we understand, more than ever, that there is a growing need for unmarried couples to have similar rights as married couples. Although Illinois recognizes civil unions between same-sex couples, many unmarried couples who are involved in heterosexual relationships, as well as same-sex domestic partnerships, are establishing cohabitation agreements to protect their rights should their relationship end.

As a family law attorney with over a decade of experience, representing clients in DuPage, Cook, Kane, Will, and McHenry counties, Elizabeth A. Pope has been very instrumental with creating effective cohabitation agreements for couples wishing to remain unmarried, but who still want  the same rights and privileges afforded to married couples in protecting assets.

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Protecting Your Domestic Partnership with Cohabitation Agreements

As with any agreement, a cohabitation agreement is a legally binding contract designed to help all couples, including same sex couples, address the issues pertaining to those a married couple would have in case the relationship changes. Cohabitation agreements can protect interests in shared property, bank accounts, child support, child custody, or joint business ventures.

A cohabitation agreement would outline how bills would get paid, who would own the property, and specify financial support amounts, should you and your partner decide to separate. Not only is it an option for many couples to establish cohabitation agreements, but it’s the smart decision to make. At the Law Offices of Elizabeth A. Pope, we help our clients stay informed and provide them with the necessary legal counsel specific to their needs.

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