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Adoption can be a very positive and fulfilling experience for all parties involved. It can strengthen the bond between couples, or it can build a new relationship between family members. The Law Offices of Elizabeth A. Pope has experience with helping families through the adoption process. Whether you are getting remarried and would like to adopt the child of your new spouse, or you and your partner are considering adopting a child to grow your family, attorney Elizabeth A. Pope, can guide you through the adoption process with ease.

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Rights and Consequences of Stepparent Adoptions

Stepparent adoptions are not always difficult. In Illinois, the process can be relatively easy, so long as consent is received by the non-custodial biological parent, or if the biological parent is deemed to be unfit. If the biological parent cannot be found, a notice of adoption would need to be published and circulated for at least 30 days. 

Once the child is adopted, the stepparent will have the legal rights and responsibilities of taking care of the child, just like any natural parent would. This means that the biological parent who signed off on giving consent for the adoption will lose all rights and privileges to their child.

Elmhurst adoption attorney Elizabeth A. Pope can help you better understand the adoption process and can help you fill out the necessary paperwork. With more than a decade devoted to different areas within family law and for being an award winning adoption law attorney, Elizabeth A. Pope can offer you sound legal guidance to ensure you have a rewarding adoption experience.

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